Advice for proper maintenance of your HF Spindle

Whether you have just purchased a new spindle or have been milling with one for years, it is always important to make sure that you are taking proper care of your Jäger spindle.

We have compiled a short list of common mistakes that can cause some brutal damage. Of course each spindle is different, so be sure to refer to your manual or contact us for any questions!

Cleaning of your SF-Spindle


Dust and foreign matter reduces the service life of your spindle. Be sure NOT to use compressed air, ultrasonic cleaning, or steam jets to clean your HF spindle. These methods can cause contamination to enter the bearing area which may cause failure. All contact surfaces, mounts, tool mounts, and tool holders must be clean before use. You can use a clean and soft cloth or brush. If your spindle is equipped with sealing air, be sure that the air is coming out dry and clean. Humidity and debris are both common reasons for failure.

Storage of your SF-Spindle


Have a backup spindle in case you have a malfunction? Being prepared is encouraged, but maintaining your backup is equally as important. You should always know the maximum storage time of your spindle. Most of them can be stored no longer than 2 years. Be prepared for when you have to take it off the shelf – rotating the shaft first by hand and then putting the spindle into operation at least every three months is recommended. Be sure to check out your spindle’s manual for appropriate methods and maintenance of stored spindles.

What to do in case of a malfunction of your SF-Spindle


They can happen. Each spindle has a service manual equipped with a list of common malfunctions and suggestions on how to troubleshoot them. Not sure what to do? Contact your local Jaeger Spindles NA Corp representative. With repair service in Norcross, GA, we have cut down repair time and shipping costs. Feel free to send the serial number of your spindle along with a description of your problem to

SF-Spindle collets


Chucks, Collets, or “that thing that holds the other thing”. We have heard it all. Whatever you would like to call it, it is one of the most important parts. When your collet is being stored or shipped, it ALWAYS needs to have a transport pin to secure it. Forgetting to put a transport pin in can cause damage to the collet and spindle, affecting the accuracy of the run out. Sending in your spindle for repair? Don’t forget to send it in with the collet that you use. This allows us to better evaluate the problems that you are experiencing and assures safe transportation.

SF-Spindle Tools


If you have a Jäger spindle, be sure that you are using Jäger products. Sounds easy, right? It is always shocking to see the amount of spindles that come through our repair shop that are damaged by using other tool holders. Each spindle has a customized tool holder to perfectly fit with it, resulting in the best balance and highest rpm. Competitor tools are not designed specifically for our models, rather for a generic fit. Using the wrong tool or milling cutter can affect the balance resulting in loud noises and vibrations, which are never good. Have any questions or concerns pertaining to your Jäger Spindle? Need a copy of your manual?

Contact us. After all, we are the ones who built it. Our technicians know our spindles better than anyone else out there and we are readily available to assist you with your spindle needs.

Increasing efficiency in mold and die with Jäger spindles.

Advances in the mold and die making industry are constantly increasing, as well as the demand for high quality, low cost and short lead time. The trend towards miniaturization of components continues and even large items are calling for delicate ribs, intricate beading, or small cavities to be produced.

Work pieces are generally manufactured on modern CNC machines, which are equipped with the appropriate rotational speeds and torques allowing them to run with larger tools – resulting in quality roughing and finishing operations. Depending on the material and hardness of your smaller solid carbide milling cutters, rotational speeds of 100.000 Umin-1 and higher are required for the most efficient outcome. Respectively, the machines can quickly reach their limits of rotational speeds when using small tools. In practice, the limiting speeds of the machine can then be used for editing.

Generally, the main spindle of the machine tool cannot reach the optimum cutting speed of the modern high-performance smaller cutting tools. Accordingly, the feed rates must be reduced causing an increase in manufacturing cost. This increase can be pretty high depending on the complexity of the work pieces.

Jaeger Spindles provides a low priced and user-friendly solution to this problem with a mold and die making concept explicitly catered to the new spindle generation. A high-frequency spindle is adapted at the intersection of the main spindle with a speed of up to 100,000 rpm-1. The main spindle of the machine tool stands still during the milling process and is given a break. With this additional spindle, not only are the optimal cutting data and feed rates reached, but depending on the application the production times is rapidly reduced.

Due to the relatively high torque, the spindles have sufficient energy reserves for hard machining of steel with small tools. These popular sub spindles are also used for the production of copper and graphite electrodes as each spindle is equipped with an air seal to prevent dust and dirt from entering the bearing points and causing premature wear. With the development of new spindles, Jaeger has developed an integrated concept for the mold and die making industry. We are always happy to advise and estimate for your custom fit spindle.

Jaeger Spindles: Your competitive advantage in mold and die making.

Jaeger Spindles Repair Center in Atlanta, GA USA (29.05.2015)

Jaeger Spindles Repair Center in Atlanta, GA USA

Jaeger Spindles GmbH has over 40 years of experience in the design and manufacture of high frequency spindles.

On January 1st of this year we founded Jaeger Spindles North America Corp, with offices in Atlanta, GA to better serve North American customers.  Since the 1st of the year we have been working to move all of the business support structure from our German headquarters to our Atlanta location.

A new repair center for our North American customers

Benefits for our customers

On June 1st of this year we will be opening a new repair center as well, to better serve North American customers.

Starting on that day, all repair activity for North American customers will take place at our new Atlanta repair center. We will provide the same Jaeger quality you have come to expect, only now much faster. We will be using the same quality control protocols, Jaeger original manufactured components and repair processes.
For you, the customer, the advantages are many. Faster turnaround time, lower cost shipping, faster communication, standard US payment terms in US$, and many more.

New Atlanta Location

We are making a significant investment in equipment and man power at our new Atlanta location.  All quality control standards are the same as in our German repair center.  It is our commitment to our North American customers to deliver German engineering quality with a “Made In The USA” label.

We are looking forward to providing this improved service capability to you, our customer.

Our new address in the USA:

Jaeger Spindles NA Corp.
6611 Bay Circle
Suite 165
Norcross, GA 30071
Phone: +1 (770) 674-4480

Thank you,
Your Team of the Alfred Jaeger Company

EMO is over - Alfred Jäger GmbH says "Thank you" (02.10.2013)

EMO is over - Alfred Jäger GmbH says "Thank you"

The recent EMO offered us an unbelievable variety of discussions with customers and interested parties from all over the world. We see the mood on the market as a very promising one.

Aside from the many innovations on our stand at the convention, we also spoke in concrete terms about new projects that will be completed either this year or the beginning of next year. Our rigorous work on global markets in the last few years has been clearly reflected in the growing number of real contacts from both Asia and South America.

Our staff from Jäger's offices in Tokyo and Beijing had their hands full. It was the same for our partners from other parts of the world. What we found astonishing was the major interest from Germany, still the most important market for our products, as well as from neighboring European countries.

Positive Feedback at EMO 2013

The feedback on the vast number of our new innovations at the convention showed us that we are on the right path. In particular, this includes our own motor construction strategy, with which we aim to establish ourselves globally as a supplier of HF motors for DC/AC motors, as well as the wide range of application solutions from Jäger displayed at the convention.

Some discussions continued over a glass of beer or wine long after the convention ended at our stand. Our diverse experiences in the processing of CFK parts and other modern materials found particular interest among those we spoke with, as well as our ongoing experiments with a HSK E-25 tool change in the 62 mm spindle housing.

This experiment already uses our own Jäger motor, which is surely one of the best-performing AC motors in this size. It is precisely this variety of motors, which other markets and sectors have immediate access to, that enables us to act much more flexibly when responding to our customer's wishes.

Jäger High Performance Spindles 2.0 - "The next Generation"

That would be a good name for a film following the story of the younger colleagues in our team. We place great emphasis on professional training in both commercial and technical areas. Our "apprentices" were once again out and about at the convention and got to see some of the latest trends in mechanical engineering for themselves.

The highlight of the convention visit for our apprentices was the game "Who can find the most stands with Jäger spindles on the machine?", which has already become something of a tradition. The growing team spirit helped to integrate the new apprentices into the team quickly and there was a small bonus added to the fund for the "next generation" of apprentices for finding 16 (!) stands at the convention which featured Jäger spindles. We say "Keep up the good work!"

Alfred Jäger GmbH says "Thank you"

The aim of this newsletter is not to tell you about our new features, products or highlights from the convention, but rather to take the opportunity to say an honest "Thank you" in this way for the fantastic, open and interesting discussions we had together at our convention stand.

Your great feedback and interest in our products and the people who develop and build them is motivation enough for our company to not let up going forward and to continue working on the right spindle solutions for you.

"Thank you" - Your team at Alfred Jäger GmbH

World Premiere at EMO Hanover (13.09.2013)

World Premiere at EMO Hanover

Alfred Jäger GmbH presents its own motor range

…and harks back to its roots. For 45 years, Alfred Jäger GmbH has been premiere developing and constructing HF motor spindles in a variety of sizes. And Jäger in-house production of motors goes back even further.

Until now, the company's asynchronous motors were only used in "Jäger High Performance Spindles". In this application they achieved recognition thanks to their high power density at low temperatures and their incredibly compact design.

Striking Innovations in the Asynchronous and Synchronous Sector

The company's motor range has been expanded to include striking innovations in the asynchronous and synchronous sector; as a result, Alfred Jäger GmbH is presenting a remarkable motor range at EMO.

Jäger's belief in "everything from a single source" also applies here: So, in addition to investments in motor production over the past years, we have also invested considerable amounts in expanding our development capacity for this sector.

A team of motor developers is available with immediate effect to help with your personalized motor project. Contact us at and arrange an individual appointment at our trade fair stand.

The future: your product with Jäger HF motors!

New DentaDrive Spindle Completes the Lower End of the Jäger Dental Spindle Range

With the DentaDrive 30 S15, Alfred Jäger GmbH presents a new, compact dental spindle that completes the lower end of the existing DentaDrive range. In addition to the usual DentaDrive configuration range, customers can now choose from two new motor variants, developed and produced by Alfred Jäger GmbH.

The asynchronous and synchronous versions of this spindle allow for the design to be shortened considerably. To arrange your consultation on the new "DentaDrive" at our trade fair stand, contact us at Or why not take a look at the range of spindles on offer in this series and the options available from Jäger at and be inspired!

Jäger High Performance Spindles: "Always the right choice!"

Mounting systems for the best results (03.09.2013)

Mounting systems for the best results

Even 2,300 years ago, Aristotle knew that: "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts". This wise notion can also be applied to tool mounts and precision collets. In an ideal scenario, a single solution or component would provide the answer, but in the technical reality, components and precision parts connect with each other and are installed together. Each workpiece is subject to production and measurement tolerances and the deviances here can add up positively, negatively or statistically when the individual components are assembled.

Jäger spindles, known as a technological leader in high-frequency spindles up to 100,000 rpm-1, has decades of experience in balancing technology, as the optimum rotation-symmetrical mass distribution is a decisive criterion for the service life of the bearings. This available expertise is also applied consistently in the important components of the tool mounts, collets and clamping systems. We are only convinced when Jäger's high technical quality standards have been proven through test processes and only then can we hand over our products to our customers in line with the holistic customer satisfaction philosophy.

The comprehensive portfolio of Jäger high-frequency motorized spindles covers synchronous and asynchronous spindles of between 33-150mm in size and up to 67 KW. Our product range includes all collets and tool mounts required for manual and automatic tool change. It includes small, low-mass collets for very high speeds, the Jäger-developed small, high-precision short tapers WK 16 and WK19, HSKE25 to HSK63F and the widely used short tapers Sk30/40 and BT30/40.

The customer here has the option of choosing friction connections such as the classic and highly precise collet, as well as shrink-fit mounts. Jäger sees itself as a system provider: from the spindle to the tool interface. All interacting elements, from the spindle to the mount, guarantee the best results.We would be happy to advise you in the selection of the best interface for your Jäger spindle.

Jäger mounts - we are not satisfied with less.

Increasing efficiency in tool and mould construction with Jäger spindles (20.08.2013)

Increasing efficiency in tool and mould construction with Jäger spindles

EMO Hannover 2013, the leading global metalworking trade show, will take place from 16th to 21st September. Its motto is “Intelligence in Production”. Exhibitors from all around the world will be spotlighting their solutions for the challenges of an internationally focused industry in the 21st century.

In this issue of our EMO newsletter, we inform you about "Increasing efficiency in tool and mould construction with Jäger spindles" The requirements for tool and mould construction are constantly increasing. There is stiff competition from Eastern Europe and the Far East, and the demands in terms of quality, costs and short processing time are also constantly rising. A widespread trend towards the miniaturisation of workpieces is still ongoing, and delicate grooves or small cavities must even be produced in larger moulds.

As a rule, components are manufactured on modern CNC machines which feature the necessary speeds and torques to carry out rough machining and finishing operations with larger tools. However, for small solid carbide milling tools, speeds of up to 80,000 rpm and above may be required depending on material and hardness. Subsequently, machines quickly reach their limits in terms of speed when small tools are used, as speeds of up to 80,000 rpm and above are required for small solid carbide tools, depending on material and hardness.

In practice, the limit speeds of the machine are then used for the machining process. In general, however, the main spindle of the machine tool is not designed for the process window of small, modern high-performance machining tools, with the consequence that the production time for this type of machining is very high, which incurs the main costs in the case of some components. In addition, the stress on the main spindle when machining at the limit speed is very high, the consequences of which may be the risk of bearing failure, increased time- and cost-intensive maintenance or repair.

The new generation of spindles from Jäger, which has been explicitly developed for the requirements of tool and mould construction, offers a cost-effective and user-friendly solution to this problem. Here, a high-frequency spindle with a speed of up to 80,000 rpm is adapted at the interface of the main spindle. This means that the main spindle of the machine tool is inactive during the milling operation and is thereby protected. This spindle then allows the optimal cutting values and feed rates to be realised, and the production times, which vary according to the application, can be greatly reduced.

The spindles also have sufficient reserves for hard processing of steel with small tools, as they feature a proportionately high torque. So-called substructure spindles are also very often used for the production of copper and graphite electrodes, as all spindles are supplied with purging air, which ensures that no dust particles or contamination can infiltrate the bearing points of the spindles and cause premature wear. With the development of these new spindles, Jäger has developed a holistic concept for tool and mould construction. We will gladly provide you with advice and quotations when choosing the precise spindle for your application.

Jäger spindles - your competitive edge in tool and mould construction.

Alfred Jäger GmbH at EMO Hanover 2013 (08.08.2013)

Alfred Jäger GmbH at EMO Hanover 2013

EMO Hannover 2013, the leading global metalworking trade show, will take place from 16th to 21st September. Its motto is “Intelligence in Production”. Exhibitors from all around the world will be spotlighting their solutions for the challenges of an internationally focused industry in the 21st century.

This year ALFRED JÄGER GmbH will exhibit their specifically application orientated products and will show the clients the wide field of various utilizations of our products in specific markets and industries.The latest innovations in spindle technology as well as “new products” are subject of our displays.

Follow this invitation and stop at our booth in hall 12 / stand D72. Rest, take a drink or a small bite and let us introduce to you. Our international booth staff is available the entire week from Monday to Saturday. We even have our international Sales Partners and own Subsidiaries present, in case you would like to communicate in “your” language!

Great Interest in DentaDrive Range at IDS in Cologne (20.03.2013)

Great Interest in DentaDrive Range at IDS in Cologne

The premiere of the new "DentaDrive" dental spindle range at this year's IDS in Cologne was a resounding success. All the hard work that our R&D department have put in over the past few months was rewarded with a high number of visitors to our stand, who showed great interest in the new products on offer.

The DentaDrive range comes with a new and fresh design, possesses several technical innovations and can be configured by customers themselves using the "DentaDrive Configurator" available at
Alongside the new, fresh "DentaDrive design" and a number of different technical innovations, one other aspect should be highlighted in particular – the considerable improvement in performance data. All DentaDrive spindles are true powerhouses.

In addition to the DentaDrive spindle range, we showcased another highlight from our Development department: a functional model of an electromagnetic tool changer for the DentaDrive range.

Learn more about all innovations and technical details introduced by Jäger at IDS 2013 at

New Website - fresh and up to date (20.12.2012)

New Website - fresh and up to date

Today we want to introduce our new website to you. We now offer you our online services even clearer in a more modern, intuitive design.

Find the right product even faster and always up to date. Inform yourself about the company at a glance. Take also advantage of our services, such as the new, completely revised product search.

The new internet presence completes again another piece of the service of Alfred Jäger GmbH. Convince yourself at!

We hope you like our website and we are looking forward to you!

Invitation to AMB (08.09.2012)

Invitation to AMB – News from Alfred Jäger GmbH

We warmly invite you to visit us at AMB in Stuttgart in the week of September 18-22, 2012. If you still need tickets, please e-mail us at stating the number of tickets required, your company address, and your first name and surname.

Visit us at AMB Stuttgart 2012

The latest product highlights from Alfred Jäger GmbH in the field of spindle technology will again be on show this year in Stuttgart at AMB. Experience this live and get to grips with the most innovative solutions from the world of high-frequency spindles!
We will be presenting our latest spindle products for the following areas:

Mechanical engineering
Graphic design
Dental technology
Special spindles

We wouldn't want to give away anything more at this point!

Our trade fair team is looking forward to meeting you. You can arrange a consultation appointment with your personal contact in advance of the trade fair by e-mailing

In addition to presenting the range of new products for milling, grinding, engraving, drilling, and deep hole drilling, our sales team will be available on the following days for consultation regarding the application of "Jäger high performance spindles":

Mr. Thorsten Ratz: Sep. 20-22, 2012
Mr. Günther Prinz: Sep. 18-20, 2012
Mr. Roland Weber: Sep. 18-22, 2012
Mr. Uwe Krause: Sep. 18-19, 2012
Mrs. Sabine Großhans: Sep. 19-20, 2012

From the service team:

Mr. Björn Backes: Sep. 19-20, 2012

Trade fair calendar 2012

If you do not have time to visit us at AMB, you can of course contact us at any time or meet us at a subsequent trade fair.

We are looking forward to your visit!

Trade fair City Country Dates
MSV Brno Czech Republic 10.09.- 14.09.2012
IMTS Chicago USA 10.09. - 15.09.2012
AMB Stuttgart Germany 18.09. - 22.09.2012
MAKTEK Istanbul Turkey 02.10.- 07.10.2012
Jimtof Tokyo Japan 01.11.- 06.11.2012

Android App - Jäger app now available for Android!

Access Jäger products at any time on your smartphone! In addition to the app for the iPhone and iPad, the Jäger app is now available free of charge from the Android Store to coincide with the start of AMB.

More and more detailed information on our various spindle series will be made available, together with the latest information on products and services from Jäger.

Of course, you can use the app to send queries directly to our sales department regarding specific products, or send queries to our service department regarding Jäger products that you already own.

Our app keeps you up to speed with our range of products – anywhere in the world and at any time!

Conserving natural resources - new catalog design at AMB!

The redesign of our catalogs also reflects our pursuit of speed, user-friendliness, and efficiency.

Nothing has been left unchanged in making them easier to use! The summary of our catalogs in a clearly arranged work provides clarity, transparency, and the possibility of gaining a quick overview of our company, products, and services.

Finally, this concept of "getting to the heart of information" also has environmental benefits. Pick up your catalog at AMB or e-mail sales@alfredjaeger.deto request a copy.

Even more power - Expanded production and assembly

We are considerably expanding our production and assembly capacities – thank your for your confidence in us.

Thanks to the continuing positive situation regarding orders and the continual increase in demand for our products on the global markets, we have decided to considerably expand our production and assembly capacities.

As of now, production and assembly work is being performed on an area of approx. 1,000 square meters at two additional factory locations that form part of the Ober-Mörlen site.

This means that a total area of approx. 5,000 square meters is now available as a production and assembly area.

We are growing to meet your requirements!

Invitation to Euromold (22.11.2011)

Invitation to Euromold - new products, new topics and iPad 2 lottery

We kindly invite you to visit us at the Euromold in Frankfurt, taking place from 29th November to 2nd December. In case you need further tickets you are welcome to send us an email to stating the number of tickets you would like us to send to your company address, also mentioning first and last name for each ticket.

Visit us at the Euromold

You can find us at booth C20 in hall 8.0.

This year also, you will find the most recent product highlights from Alfred Jäger GmbH at the Euromold in Frankfurt. Experience the most innovative solutions from the world of high-frequency spindles live and with a hands-on!


World premiere: air bearing spindle series!
Euromold premiere: HSK-E20 in a 62-spindle!
Jäger own miniature taper system for WK7 now patented!

Besides our product highlights and consultation at our booth we will also raffle one Apple iPad 2 on each show day to go with our iPad app.

On each show day you can win one iPad 2

To participate in this raffle you need to drop your business card in our raffle box which is placed at our booth C20 in hall 8.0. Only business cards will be accepted for the raffle. The winner will be drawn daily and in case you are at the booth you can take your iPad 2 home with you the same day.

We look forward to your visit!

Air bearing spindle series celebrates world premiere

Two air bearing spindle types, suitable for various applications i.e. for grinding in the optical industry, graphite applications, internal grinding as well as light aluminium machining, now enhanced the product portfolio of the AlfredJägerGmbH.

Both spindle types, LS100-62 with 100,000 rpm and the LS 125-62 with 125,000 rpm, that are introduced and shown at the exhibition excel through highly precise running characteristics and no wear of bearings. Furthermore, as they operate on a low air consumption basis also bearing the protection of natural resources. High radial and axial stiffness enable grinding and milling applications as well as high-position drilling. The LS 100-62 is optimised for tools with a radial shaft diameter of up to 6mm. The LS125-62 is aligned for tool

Operational features:

LS100-62 LS125-62
Rpm: 100 000 Rpm 125 000
Performance at continuous operation: Kw 0,5 at 60,000 rpm Kw 0,3 at 40,000 Rpm
Air consumption < 40 NL/min, dynamic Air consumption < 40 NL/min, dynamic
Clamping range up to 6 mm Clamping range up to 3 mm

Apart from the already existing and well known series from the Jäger Company both mentioned spindle types create a completely new HF-spindle family. For more information you are welcome to visit our booth C20 in hall 8 at the Euromold.

Have you already known about our wear-free, exact positioned air-bearing rotary axial guide for table movements of all kinds for your machine?
If not, then just follow this link:

HSK-E20 operating at 80,000 rpm

HSK-E20 operating at 80,000 rpm
Are you also searching for even higher rotating spindles and have the requirement for a highly accurate and stiff cutting device?

In this case, our new Z62-H380.01 S5 will meet all your requirements. With its three roller bearings (twofold at the front) the spindle guarantees high stiffness. The taper tool system of the HSK-E20 allows a tool shaft application of up to 7mm and also displays highest true running characteristics. The locking system that has been chosen for this application is the proven and tested shrink taper. Besides the appropriate shrink taper there is of course also an optimised shrink fit technology system available from Alfred Jäger GmbH that is aligned to the individual taper system in question.

The spindle is equipped with an own in-house developed and established asynchrony engine technology, that displays 1.3Kw (S1-100% ED) / at 80,000 rpm when performing in continuous operation mode. Pmax was tested on a Jäger spindle testing device at peak load duration of 5 seconds and resulted in 2,5Kw.

Both the in 62mm housing the Z62-H380.01 S5 displays a rotational figure of 80,000 rpm and the HSK-E20 are an important enhancement to the Jäger taper exchanging series. The operational sectors are diverse i.e. the medical technical sector or in the      micro-moulding design and construction industry.

Operational features at a glance:

Z62-H380.01 S5    
Rpm: 80.000
Performance in continuous operation: 1.3Kw
Clamping range7 mm
Housing diameter 62 mm

We are happy to welcome you for a personal conversatio
at our booth C20 in hall 8 at the Euromold.

Quality and effectiveness increase with your requirements

Miniature tool application WK7 for the spindle; ZS33-K100.01 K1A now patented

The requirements for quality and effectiveness regarding the manufacturing process of dental prosthesis is continuously growing sector. Consequently materials and production methods must be in high performance range. This concept has been envisaged and applied throughout the development and construction of the triple-bearing spindle (twofold at the front) of Jäger High Performance Spindles.

Especially new processes, as for example the grinding of glass ceramics in the dental prosthesis sector, can now be performed and completed highly-precise due to our solution. The now patented tool adaption system, the so called miniature taper WK7, can be adapted or “shrink-fitted” with tools consisting of a diameter of up to 3mm (1/8"). The “shrink technology system” is of course part of our product range and available for sale.
Highlights at a glance:

    Compact construction (33 mm)
    Rotational figures up to 100.000 rpm
    Highest performances due to taper
    cleaning solution for non-interrupted applications
    Highest radial running characteristics due to the unique ”miniature taper changing system“ WK-7
    Possible pre-adjustment of tools in the miniature taper holder
    Fitting station for tool adaption

Of course this spindle is also presented at our booth C20 in hall 8 under “news” at the Euromold.

Alfred Jäger GmbH

Alfred Jäger GmbH with its location in Ober-Mörlen, Germany, offers more than 40 years of experience in the area of high frequency spindles and application technology, grounded technical knowledge and reliability.

A team of more than 80 employees develops and produces high quality motorspindles for milling, grinding, drilling, deburring, engraving applications as well as continuing to extend the product range.


Brand new - Jäger iPad App

Available for free in the App Store at: