High Speed Cutting Spindle in Action

Anywhere cutting is concerned, our high frequency spindles are at home. Whether grinding, engraving, milling, drilling, deburring, or polishing applications, our motor spindles master any task – 24/7.

Precision, accuracy, flexibility, speed, and reliability are just a few synonyms for our high-speed spindles. Need all or a few of these – that is up to you! Our HF spindles fulfill your needs every time.


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DentaDrive Configurator

Deburring with a Jäger F120

Profile Machining with a Chopper Spindle

Finishing in the Die & Mold Industry

Collet Cleaning

Dental Milling

Changing Spindle

Wet Milling in the Dental industry

Dry Milling in the Dental Industry

Robot Deburring with F150 Spindle

Spindle with HSK-E20 Clamping System

Vector Controlled Sspindle with HSK-E25 Clamping System

SP33-M260.01 S26 – Our New Adapter Spindle

High Frequency Spindles from Jäger

What is Speed?

Application Example: Deburring

Application Example: Turbine

Metalworking in the Dental Field with Jaeger

Milling of Gears

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Jaeger High Frequency Spindles

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