Your Partner in Quality and Innovation

In order to succeed, every company needs expert partners – which is why synergies are created to ultimately benefit each party involved. Alfred Jäger GmbH is the ideal partner for high-quality and innovative spindle systems guaranteeing excellent service each time.

Quality is a process and not a state

In today’s constantly progressing world, standing still means you are moving backwards. This particularly applies to the quality of products and services. Standing still is not an option!

Using regular quality control circles, we constantly put our products, our service, and, of course, ourselves to the test. We strive to continually improve every day. Not only our German headquarter, but also our international team and partners are certified by the Jäger quality and service system.

Always at the cutting edge

Thanks to our quality circles and development department, our products are guaranteed to be on the cutting edge of technology.

It doesn’t end there: during our in-house repairs, your devices are updated as more developed parts are installed to further modernize your system. Of course, this update is included in our service.