Dental technology for the most discerning requirements.

High performance for optimum results

The DentaDrive range is available in 3 different performance classes with speed ranges up to 60,000, 80,000, and 100,000 rpm. Our modular designs enable you to select between double and triple bearings – whichever your task requires.

Whether grinding or milling, always the optimum standard

The DentaDrive series is being consistently developed to meet market requirements. The materials used, the rigidity of the spindle, and its protection again contamination makes the DentaDrive equally suitable for wet or dry machining.

Well protected for reliable work

DentaDrive spindles are available in two types of housing - cylinder or block.

Both designs have sealing air to prevent dirt penetrating the spindle.

Over 50 different types of spindle

The high degree to which individual components can be combined opens up a range of over 50 different DentaDrive spindles right from the start. If that's still not enough, our dental development team is also available to adapt your individual spindle.

DentaDrive configuration tool

Five steps to your individual spindle system

Use our DentaDrive configuration tool to put together the dental spindle system perfectly tailored to your application. Just follow the instructions to configure the spindle you require.

1. Select a
      basic motor unit

2. Select a

3. Select a

4. Select additional

5. Select your accessoires