Alfred Jäger GmbH opens repair shop in Atlanta USA

Alfred Jäger GmbH opens repair shop in Atlanta USA

We have more than 40 years of experience in the manufacture of high-frequency spindles and know that even the best spindles need inspection and/or maintenance every now and then. We founded the company Jaeger Spindles North America, Corp., headquartered in Atlanta, GA, USA, on 01/01/2015. All sales activities and new projects for the US and Canadian market since then have been supported by Jaeger NA. 

Services for our customers in the USA and Canada

Benefits for our customers:
From 06/01/2015 we will significantly improve our services for our customers in the USA and Canada with our repair shop.

Services for our customers

All repairs in NA will then be carried out quickly and reliably in our company in Atlanta in accordance with strict Jaeger quality requirements, with Jaeger original parts, and Jaeger repair processes. Significant benefits result for our customers from this, for example communication is simplified, repairs are carried out faster and much more. 

New site in Canada

At the site in Atlanta we have made big investments in new machinery and in the latest measuring instruments.  All quality requirements (processes) are identical to the repair shop at the site in Germany.
We therefore guarantee “German Engineering Quality” for spindle repairs “Made in the USA”.

We are delighted to be able to provide even better support to you as a customer with this expanded service.

Our address in the USA is:

Jaeger Spindles NA Corp.
6611 Bay Circle
Suite 165


Alfred Jäger GmbH

Siemensstraße 8
61239 Ober-Mörlen GERMANY