Our product range covers a wide variety of application areas allowing us to offer the right spindle system for every possible use.

Grinding Technology

The diverse areas of application in grinding technology also demand a high degree of flexibility from the spindle system. Jäger high-frequency spindles offer a variety of different uses and are accurate and safe in any area.

Dental Technology

Modern milling units in dental technology have to show what fully-automated production can achieve in the smallest spaces:
Up to 7 traversing axles are available for machining tasks.

Tool and Mold Construction

Tool and mold construction have a special status in the manufacturing industry as almost every work piece is unique. The technical requirements for production are often complex and require the spindle to be highly flexible and reliable.

Robot Applications

Processing material using a robot poses the highest demands on the spindle system used. Our focus is on absolute precision. Jäger high-frequency spindles are the right choice as far as weight, interfering contours, and bearing rigidity are concerned.

Conductor Boards

Manufacturing of conductor boards requires a complex sequence of production steps which must be synchronized. One of the most sensitive steps is depanelisation, i.e. the separation of the conductor boards processed in a compound structure. On the one hand, separation must be stress-free and on the other hand, it must be intelligently linked with the directly connected steps "testing" and "sorting".